Statistics show that the number of freelance photographers and videographers is growing quickly. Although freelancing doesn’t make up the majority of the Filipino workforce, it’s enough to say that the industry is thriving. It’s now becoming easier for Filipinos to jumpstart their freelance careers in photography and videography.

So what better to start your journey than posting your sidelines at Rakuboss?

Rakuboss is a Filipino skills marketplace that connects local freelancers to clients around the world. We have the necessary platforms and services to make your skills and talent known. And here are some of our main selling points:

Global Market

Aside from local gigs, we can introduce your talents and skills to the global community. You can find on-site and remote sidelines on our platform, particularly within Japan and the Philippines. But don’t worry, we solely accept Filipino freelance photographers and videographers, so you’ll have no problem understanding the culture of the competition.


We cater to our countrymen, so that they can cater to foreign clients. We know that many foreigners find difficulty in hiring the best production service online because of numerous reasons, but Rakuboss is here to bring what they expect to the table.

We’re just one search away. We can bring foreign clients to you and vice versa. All you have to do is post a sideline, and provide details about your service, preferred location (e.g., I will be your photographer in Cebu), and rate.

Safe Medium And Payment System

Rakuboss is an online platform, but our users’ safety is a top priority. We act as a middleman between clients and freelancers, so we’ll be your liaison for every transaction as long as it covers our Terms and Conditions. Further, we also work with third-party payment providers to ensure safe, secure, and fast payments from buyers to sellers. We highly encourage you to know your rights as a freelance photographer and videographer. But regardless of your knowledge about the industry you’re in, Rakuboss is here to guide you every step of the way.

Wide Range of Sidelines

At our platform, you’ll find some of the best and highest-paying photography and videography jobs in the Philippines. More than that, we can assure you that there will be foreign clients who can double your expected compensation. If you’re a wedding photographer, music video director, travel photographer, or blogger, you can develop your career at Rakuboss.