In recent years, freelancing as a job choice has been an increasingly desirable proposition. Freelancers are predicted to represent as much as 2 percent of the population (of 1.5 million) in 2018 according to PayPal’s Global Freelancers Insights Report. Given the expansion of the number of freelancers due to the global pandemic, COVID-19, rivalry has also increased dramatically in this category. 

The following tips will help you shape yourself up into being a better freelancer, regardless of whether you are a video editor, a software developer, a virtual assistance, a graphics artist, or a digital marketer. 

1) Quality over Quantity

If you are only new and starting out as a freelancer, it is very possible that online marketplaces like Rakuboss will be an avenue for you to apply for work openings. Bidding on as many projects as possible is very natural for you. A main lesson, however, to be learned here is that the nature of the bid matters, not the number. Try to think and learn about the client’s business as best as possible. Know what they do, how they do it, and what is being demanded of you.

When you have completed as in-depth review of the specifications, write a short document where all the items you bring to the table can be set down comprehensively. Bidding is not a game about numbers. Compared to hundreds of low-quality bids, one high-quality bid is more likely to get you the job because you do not have the time to evaluate the criteria of the customer or make them appreciate what your capabilities are.

2) Clearly mention your strategies

It is understood that freelancers vying for contracts are very discreet about their work processes. For example, if you are an Internet marketer bidding on an SEO initiative, the client would naturally want to understand what kind of protocols you are going to follow to help their website rank on Google’s first page. In maintaining trust between the client and the freelancer, effective communication plays an important role. To be specific about the products, use this as a conversation. When a potential client trusts you, even if you quote is much higher than those of your rival bidders, they are likely to hire you.

3) Clients love surprises

The clients are normal human beings, too. Surprise them. As a rule of thumb, alway under-promise and over-deliver. Do you think you can support the client to raise sales by 100% In your bid, pledge only 50%. Surprises do not always need to be over-delivered to the goals. Additional assignments that were not part of the project brief will also be taken up. This shows your inclination to take ownership of projects. Over time, it also makes you indispensable, an important factor in creating a loyal clientele. 

4) Be active in helping to improve the products

Unlike what big corporations would want you to think, the goods and processes they own are not flawless and not standardized. Even in the biggest companies, there are lot of small but effective business improvements that are overlooked. As a result, freelancer who goes out of her way to suggest changes and suggestions will be appreciated by the client. If you are a developer and feel that by making any improvements to the project that the organization will be best served, make it a point to take it to your client. Don’t go out of line, of course; make suggestions only in places where you are in control and knowledgable.

5) Learn to communicate effectively

As a freelancer working remotely, communication (oral and written) is one of your vital assets. In establishing your authority, language plays an important role. Enroll in one of the English language classes if it is not your primary language. Even if you are fluent in the language, common typographical errors always create a bad impression in the eyes of your client. Before scouting for freelance assignments online, make it a point to hone your communication skills.

Are you a freelancer? Or do you want to start and venture to this kind of work? What other tips do you think can make fellow freelancers better? If you’re ready you can now start selling your sidelines at Rakuboss and start taking jobs for a well-rounded and secured future.