Champorado or sweet chocolate rice porridge is a popular dessert in the Philippines. This dessert is unlike no other. It brings 

Credit: Spanky Enriquez

the rich taste of cacao into life and delivers the sweet taste of milk to every bite. Champorado is a staple dish or dessert in every Filipino breakfast table, but does it always have to go traditional? 

Baguio City, a mountain town in Luzon, has challenged the status quo and made a whole new version of Champorado. Instead of using cacao or chocolate, one restaurant in Baguio used Strawberry to make the dish. Camp John Hay’s Le Monet has probably invented the first-ever Strawberry rice porridge in the country. And locals and tourists alike have been loving it. 

“Tinry po namin gawin kasi iba sa panlasa ng Pinoy. Ngayong tag-ulan mas gugustuhin nilang kumain ng tsampurado na strawberry at hindi chocolate.” (We tried to do it because it would bring a different taste Filipinos are not used to This rainy weather, they’d prefer to eat Strawberry Champorado than the usual chocolate one), said Jeffrey Villanueva, the cook who invented the dish.

The Strawberry Champorado retails at 99 pesos for every bowl and is available daily (from 10 AM to

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 10 PM) at Le Monet Hotel. Excluding fresh strawberries, the dish also features the following ingredients: strawberry syrup, coconut milk, milk, and white chocolate. 

Aside from Le Monet’s very own strawberry Champorado, the city of Baguio is also known for its Strawberry Adobo (chicken​stew marinated with soy sauce and vinegar) and Strawberry Taho (a snack made with tofu, brown sugar, and tapioca pearls).