Our History
Rakuboss is a multifaceted Filipino skills marketplace that supports freelancers from any business sector within the Philippines. The idea to launch a website this big came from our desire to redefine the freelance industry not only in the country but across the globe. From a spark of desire, we now have a burning flame of promise to all Filipino freelancers who wish to be successful in their chosen field. 

Our Essence
Rakuboss creates a culture of openness. We welcome Filipino freelancers who want to offer sidelines and be on the frontline. Likewise, we also show hospitality to local and international clients who wish to discover skilled and talented professionals in the Philippines. We strive to create a diverse and robust community that both freelancers and clients can find useful and trustworthy. Further, we want Filipino freelancers based in their respective regions to expand their horizons to Japan and other parts of the world. 

Our Services
Rakuboss provides an open and easy-to-use platform specifically designed and curated for clients and freelancers. We display a variety of freelance services under the following categories: graphic design, IT and programming, music and narration, writing and translation, business, fun and lifestyle, videography and photography, divination, travel, love and relationship, and experts. 

Yes, we function as an open platform for buying and selling of services. However, Rakuboss is more than a marketplace sitting in a digital environment. We also offer a streamlined system that allows both freelancers and clients to have a safe, flexible, and complete transaction. 

Clients looking for reliable services in the Philippines can utilize Rakuboss to search for a freelancer who can best meet their needs. We offer access to various listings, so you can find everything you’re looking for within our platform. What’s more, our search engine and website navigation can provide the most suitable candidate instantly. We’ll look for prospective clients and suitable employees based on your request. 

Freelancers, meanwhile, can expect Rakuboss to connect them to prospective clients within the Philippines and other parts of the world. We’ll help you expand your territory and experience if you wish to go over and beyond the standard. But aside from widening your career, we also make sure that you always receive reasonable and timely compensation from clients.

Our Promise
Our mission is to help freelancers and clients achieve their business and personal goals through successful service transactions. Although we solely focus on skilled and talented freelancers sourced from the Philippines, our doors are always open for international clients who want to see what a Filipino professional can offer. Taking that on board, we promise to make Rakuboss accessible to everyone who wants to spark a change in this competitive and ever-changing industry.

Our Future
We deliver what we promise. We see a clear path ahead of us. But we can only achieve our goals and promises if you help us—clients and freelancers, hand in hand. Through our collective effort, Rakuboss bring the following visions to life:

  • The leading freelance marketplace in the Philippines trusted by both local and international users

  • The best platform where clients and freelancers find services and sidelines that best suit their needs or line of work

  • The best marketplace with secure and reliable payment methods and business transactions