Freelancing has become a popular concept just recently although the term dates back to the early 20th century. In 1820, Sir Walter Scott used the word in his book, referring to the second type of soldiers back in the day. The first type worked for the king while the second (free mercenary soldiers) worked for whoever paid.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the term has moved past the military field and into the business industry wherein freelancers sell skills, works, and services to different enterprises. These days, there are over 56.7 million freelancers in America alone.

By now, that number has  increased—it’s a booming industry! So you’re probably wondering what are the typical freelance jobs Manila has in store for you and how to get into freelancing work in the first place.

Here’s our mini guide for you.

Top 5 Freelance Jobs in Manila
There are many online jobs Philippines carries on its local job platforms. Still, we have rounded up the top five most common freelance jobs Manila, the center of everything has which are worth looking at in terms of demand and salary.

Web or Mobile Developer
Developing websites and mobile applications are among the most in-demand online jobs Philippines has a lot of listings on different platforms. As long as you have the skills in programming HTML, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Ruby, etc., you can get into this freelancing work.freelancing_web development

Most freelance web and mobile developers have had experiences working for companies before becoming their own boss. Many freelancers in the programming industry recommend working for a company first to establish credentials and get intensive training.

Still, there are several web and mobile developers who started as freelancers and continue to succeed in it. It is just a matter of finding an excellent first project which you can show to the next clients along the line.

After all, most websites and mobile applications we enjoy these days were all created by independent programmers. If they can do it, so can you!

Are you a fast typist? Or maybe just a keyboard warrior on social media who wants to channel that intense typing habit into something bigger?

Either way, you might want to check out transcribing jobs. This freelancing work is one of the simplest home-based job concepts.

You can find transcribing jobs anywhere, especially in popular online job platforms like Job Street, Online Jobs PH, Rakuboss Freelance Marketplace, etc. These jobs are everywhere, and all you need is a laptop or desktop and a reliable internet connection, and you’re good to go.

However, it’s still challenging to make sure you type down each word in every second of the audio. Some clients will give you a tool you can use to pause, play, rewind, and fast forward the audio so you can keep up.

If ever they don’t, you can try Infinity’s USB foot pedal made right for the demands of digital transcription. This device can boost your efficiency and ensure accuracy in your output.

Content Writer/Editor
Writing has always been the best freelancing work. As early as in high school, you can already see a few transactions between students who don’t want to do their paper works and those who don’t mind writing and earning from them.

Nowadays, almost all companies with a digital presence need content to keep their marketing on point. The most common form of content they invest in are textual ones or articles.

That is why you might also see a lot of ads for this position on Facebook and Craigslist. Rakuboss Freelance Marketplace gives a useful guide on how to navigate this career.

Web or Graphic Designer
If there are freelance writers, then there are the freelance web and graphic designers to make the former’s content even more colorful. Studies say that the average attention span of people these days is just 9 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish.

Given that circumstance, people with skills in creating attractive visuals are essential in the business industry these days.

Virtual Assistant
The job description for being a virtual assistant has a broad reach. You could be asked by the client to do secretarial tasks remotely or other administrative tasks like answering calls or emails, doing research, and other things that will help lessen the burdens of your client.

You can find ads for this position everywhere, and we mean on all platforms on the internet. People in need of assistance or someone to shift their errands and responsibilities to are always looking everywhere they can.

How to Become a Freelancerfreelance_sell_sidelines

Many articles will give you steps on how to become a freelancer, but they’ll never get to the ultimate key of really being one. That is to make yourself the boss.

Being a freelancer means you are in charge of determining the jobs you take and the services you offer. On top of that, you are also in control of the time you’re willing to allot for these tasks.

Don’t make the typical rookie mistake of taking whatever pays. You are your own superior when you’re freelancing so take the liberty of selecting your clients according to your preference and availability now. You can sell skills here where the right people can find you and also where you can find an excellent choice of clients.

Freelancing is about earning while having a balanced life. That’s the real concept of freelancing work. So don’t just go after whatever pays, especially if it doesn’t make you happy and if it isn’t flexible at all.