German database company Statista recently revealed that the number of mobile apps being downloaded by consumers is continuously rising year by year: “In 2017, consumers downloaded 178.1 billion mobile apps to their connected devices. In 2022, this figure is projected to grow to 258.2 billion app downloads.”

With that knowledge in mind, it’s crystal clear now that many mobile users prefer mobile applications over websites. Sure, websites are still the number one platform people use to connect with people, brands, events, and businesses. But there’s no denying that mobile applications promote portability and convenience. 

More than anything, mobile apps can help a business elevate its status in the industry. If you’re still deciding on whether to launch a mobile app for your business, consult with programmers and entrepreneurs at Rakuboss. While waiting for their responses, read on below and know the top reasons why you should drive your business forward with a mobile application:

Online Visibility

An application can increase your business’ traffic and visibility. Your customers mostly use mobile phones, so they would prefer a responsive mobile application than a website. Once you have a working app available on Android and Apple devices, you’ll get more regular customers. Aside from customer acquisition, you’ll also improve your business’ brand recognition. When more and more customers download your app, you can influence them into buying your products or services.

Competitive Rivalry

Having an app can help you dominate the market. Innovative marketing strategies always threaten competition. Besides, mobile apps are still rare these days because most businesses are stuck with their websites. Some companies think that mobile apps are too expensive, little did they know that they can acquire and retain more customers through mobile apps. So, if you want to stay competitive, drive your business forward, and consider launching a mobile app. 

Business Analytics

Technology is the only way to move forward today. If you decide to launch a mobile app to boost your business’ presence, it would be easier for you to get your business analytics. You can easily collect your customer and sales records because mobile apps can track your business’ customer engagement, user behavior, and bestselling products and services. Just make sure to follow the latest data analytics trends to maintain the quality and performance of your mobile app.

Brand Loyalty

You can instill brand loyalty to your customers if they have a platform connected to your business. Other brands commercialize their services through non-stop and annoying advertisements, so you have to come up with something useful. A mobile app can connect you to your customers 24/7 since they can use it to avail your products, contact your customer service support, and get to know your brand.

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Marketing Channel

Your mobile app can act as a marketing channel for advertisements and marketing campaigns. You don’t have to pay for ad placements anymore because you can utilize the spaces and features of your mobile app. Bring your promos, campaigns, newsletters, announcements, and updates to your customers through push notifications.