Have you ever been in a dream so puzzling that you remember every minute detail even after you wake up as if everything was real? And how many mornings did you wish a dream interpreter is within reach so you can ask him or her questions about what happened in your dreams? A lot? We figured.

Rest easy. We’re finally giving meaning and interpretation to your most commonly experienced dreams in this post with the help of our online dream interpreters at Rakuboss.

Seeing You’re Pregnant In A Dream

Pregnancy symbolizes birth; it may be a birth of new ideas, opportunities, or wishes about to be fulfilled. It may also indicate your unpreparedness to act upon some aspects of your life that are developing. If you’re not trying to get pregnant, but sees yourself pregnant in a dream, this means new responsibilities are heading your way. For expectant mothers, however, dream about your pregnancy simply may indicate that you’re anxious and nervous about giving birth.

Snakes In A Dream

Snakes are very symbolic since time immemorial. Some of the snake interpretations are as follows:

  • Fear – snakes aren’t the most approachable in the animal kingdom, making a lot of people scared of a surprise visit from this reptile. It’s no different in a dream. Snakes often invoke fear to the dreamer, symbolizing your fear of the unpredictable or the unknown. 
  • Sexual – snakes are viewed as phallic according to Freud’s school of thought. Therefore dreaming about snakes may indicate temptation, sexual desires, or lack of passion and sensuality in your waking life. 
  • Transformation – just like how they shed their skins, seeing snakes in your dream means you’re in for a transformation. Take note of how you felt after experiencing the dream. If you wake up with a positive feeling, then this dream means growth, knowledge, and wisdom. However, if you see yourself fighting with a snake, it means either you’re not ready to welcome change yet, or you don’t want it at all.

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Someone or Something Is Chasing You

Seeing yourself being chased by someone is a metaphor for your insecurities. Assess your waking life; this dream may mean you’re trying to run away from problems or responsibilities, or perhaps you feel inadequate or incapable to handle certain things.

You Or Someone Is Naked In A Dream

In a nutshell: this means you are afraid of the truth. If you’re naked in a dream, then this means you fear being judged. You don’t want to bear yourself naked — literally and figuratively — before someone because you’re afraid that they may not accept the true you. 

On the other hand, if you see someone you know naked in a dream means you feel anxious about finding something about that person. This could mean that you’re not ready to see the truth behind him or her.

Someone Who Kills Or Someone Who Gets Killed

Experiencing a dream of killing someone indicates your rage and anger that you keep hidden in your waking life. However, if you’re the one who gets killed in a dream, then it’s time to step back and look at your recent decisions. This could mean a disconnect in your emotions and actions. Moreover, getting killed in a dream may also mean you feel betrayed or disappointed.

A dream may mean a deeper meaning than how it seems. Fortunately, there are professional dream interpreters at rakuboss.com that will gladly help you decipher the meaning behind your most mind-boggling dream.