Shuffle, pick a card, and interpret.

Contrary to common belief, Tarot cards don’t tell your fortune. They’re not magic cards that easily foretell what lies ahead. However, Tarot cards serve as a tool that reconnects a person to his inner wisdom. These cards guide a person to further understand the circumstance he’s in.

Did you know that tarot cards are originally developed as playing cards? It was only during the 18th century when people started using it for divination purposes until it sprung to popularity across the globe. And now, tarot reading is also available online!

Here, we’ll discuss three ways of online Tarot reading:

Online Tarot reading through Apps

Whether you need a piece of quick advice from the cards or you’re stuck in a rut that you badly want to be in control of the situation, then try online Tarot reading through mobile apps. We listed three of the best apps you should try:

  • Tarot Life (Tarot Card Readings and Numerology App) – receive insights about your love life, finance, and career. Welcome the new day prepared with our daily Tarot reading feature. This app also has numerology and astrology reading.
  • Tarot Sampler – with just a tap of a finger, the meaning behind your card is revealed. This Tarot reading app is perfect for those who want to save and journal their past readings. They also have a social media feature.
  • Fortunica – this online tarot reading app has over 70 advisors stationed around the world. They are skilled to assist you in matters about love and relationship, grief or loss, destiny, career, and life changes.

Online Tarot reading through free websites

Divination has come a long way. People who understand, or at least try to understand a foreign practice such as tarot reading. If you don’t want an additional app to add to your phone’s memory, then these free websites that allow online tarot reading are just the right ones for you:

  • – this is a free online Tarot reading website. First, you’ll have to follow the website’s instructions regarding your reading. This is a step-by-step outline of what the site will look for. Once you enter the site, you will be asked to:
    • Choose 10 cards from the deck, and from the chosen 10 cards,
    • Choose 3 cards while thinking about your strengths 
    • Choose 3 cards while thinking about your weaknesses
    • Choose 3 cards that will describe your future
  • – this is more simplified. only provides daily Tarot readings. Once you enter their Tarot page, you’ll have to click the three cards on the screen: Love, Mood, and Career, then hit the ‘Get Your Daily Tarot Reading’ button. After a few seconds, your daily reading will be displayed.

Online Tarot reading with an expert

Rakuboss, an online freelance marketplace, has experts specialized in the art of Tarot reading. You can browse for a professional reader and request for a one-on-one Tarot reading session. Booking an appointment with an expert reader is highly beneficial compared to the two options mentioned above. Aside from an exclusive reading session, online Tarot reading through job marketplaces are also more reliable and affordable.