Divination practices claim that fortune-tellers can give us a glimpse of what the future has in store for us. For this reason, different variations of fortune-telling were established. Palm reading, one of the most popular ways to tell us about our life’s secrets, is practiced across the globe in different variations. As a whole, it’s attracting a lot of fortune-telling enthusiasts. 

If you’re interested in palmistry or you want to kickstart your divination journey, here are the basics of palm reading…


Palmistry, palm reading, or chiromancy is all about studying a palm’s lines, sizes, shapes, colors, and textures while incorporating life meanings to it. For palm readers, the palm holds all the answers to the person’s personal relationships, dreams, life struggles, and more. Basically, it claims to tell if the person would be lucky or not. 


Palm readers consider different categories when taking a peek at a person’s future. The different types of lines, aspects, and even wrinkles are crucial in understanding a person’s life through palm reading. 

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Source: Your Chinese Astrology

Left and Right Hands

Palm readers usually use the person’s right hand to determine the future, regardless of the person’s hand biology (left-handed or right-handed). The majority of the reading should be done using the person’s right hand, but don’t neglect the left hand as palm readers claim that it will tell you about the person’s personality, qualities, and interests. 

Major Lines of the Palms

  • Earth / Life line – the line that starts from the thumb and ends at the wrist. It determines a person’s physical health. Some claim that it can tell you how much time you have left on Earth.
  • Heart / Love line – the longest and highest horizontal line on the palm. This is where you can read everything about a person’s personal and emotional relationships.
  • Head / Wisdom line – one of the most important lines Chinese use to read palms. This line reflects a person’s mental or psychological composition.
  • Fate / Career line – as the name suggests, the fate line reads a person’s career and future—a probable success or achievement.

Shapes And Sizes

The shapes of the thumbs and fingers are also part of the reading. If a person has large thumbs, he or she may be opinionated and can easily control emotions. Those who have small thumbs, meanwhile, are sentimental. People with long fingers are said to be delicate and well-mannered, while those who have short fingers are known to be creative and impatient.

To carefully lay down the person’s present and future using palm reading, you need to tie all the details together using their meanings. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that can tell you everything you need to know about a person’s life. 

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We’ve mentioned before that palm reading is practiced around the globe, but some areas don’t house a lot of palm readers to cater to fortune-telling enthusiasts. Fortunately, marketplaces like Rakuboss.ph offers a safe medium for palm readers and people who seek meanings anywhere in the world. Just a quick reminder: while practicing palm reading or searching for a palm reader, keep in mind that palmistry is not science.