Nursing is a job that requires and offers a range of specializations. And for this reason, it’s considered as one of the noblest professions in the world—thanks to the efforts of Florence Nightingale and all the passionate nurses sparking global change.


Today, there’s a high demand for nurses across the globe. Filipino nurses, specifically, are valued in emerging countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. In fact, according to World Education News & Reviews, “Nurses and other health professionals provide vital in-high-demand services in virtually all societies and are among the groups of workers likely to continue to migrate internationally in high numbers. At present, there is an acute global shortage of health workers that is unlikely to dissipate in the near term. Nursing shortages are not new and have plagued countries to varying degrees before.”


Migration is sometimes necessary for Filipino nurses seeking jobs abroad. But for some, they’ve found a way to practice their profession online without leaving their beloved home country. Here are some of the most in-demand online services & work-from-home opportunities available for nurses at Rakuboss:


Elderly Companion Care Services
Companion care services involve physical, mental, and emotional support for elders and tourist that needs medical attention in your City. Although this opportunity is only limited to Filipino Nurse, since it requires a professional interventions and nursing care, you can post for job opportunities near your place of residence at You can post on-call, part-time, or contract-based offers at the site. Nursing care companion


Freelance Medical Writers
Writing is one of the biggest niches in the freelance industry. What more if we incorporated health in the picture? As a registered nurse or a nursing graduate, you can apply as a freelance writer to medical websites, pharmaceutical websites, and education technology companies. You may not be allowed to practice your profession physically, but you can use your knowledge as a subject matter expert to write blogs, copy, web content, academic tests, and more. 


Nursing Consultant
Companies abroad are looking for nursing consultants who can act as subject matter experts. For this role, your job is to give advice, nursing diagnosis, and opinions to insurance companies, law firms, health care centers, and similar companies in need of someone who has medical knowledge.


Nursing Evaluator
There are on-site and remote opportunities available for nursing evaluators at Rakuboss. Nurse evaluators are hired by companies and organizations to review the skills, background, and experiences of applicants or students entering a medical field. More than that, there are evaluators who also review patients’ histories, develop nursing care plans, and oversee health care programs.


Telehealth Services
Telehealth nursing is a home-based job that makes use of technology to reach patients residing in a remote location. If you’re freelancing, you’ll need a set of equipment for this job: webcams, Internet connection, landlines, and wireless VOIPs. But if you’re applying to a company offering telehealth services, they will most likely provide the needed equipment and resources.