Ten years ago, my career goals included having a fancy job title, corner office with a view, 6-digit salary, excellent employment benefits, and employees who would report to me.

What Corporate Work Looks Like

For five years, I worked very hard, more than what is expected of me. Every day, I would come to work early to brave the rush hour traffic and stayed in the office for 10 to 12 hours — sometimes, even longer. I worked during weekends, holidays, or after office hours, while on a date. I went to different conferences, seminars, team buildings, Christmas parties, and corporate events. I befriended the bosses, the HR, the managers, even the janitors, and receptionists. I did everything I needed to achieve my goals.

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I wanted to prove my skills and my worth. I wanted to show everyone that I deserve the promotion, the 6-digit salary, and the corner office with a view. For five years, I gave my life to being a corporate slave… and yet, I didn’t come close to my goals.

Realizations and Big Decisions

So, I had to rethink my life and my career. Is this really what I want? Corporate politics, 12-hour work shifts, working on holidays, daily traffic, and commute hassles — are these things worth exchanging half of my life for?

Being so burnt out and exhausted from all the corporate work I had, I realized that I don’t need the fancy title or the big salary or a spacious workstation. At that point, I knew what I want.

I want to do what I love without the pressure of getting ahead. I want to have time with my family and friends, despite having responsibilities to fulfill. I want good health with less anxiety and more peace of mind.

I want to wake up every day, not having to worry about the traffic I need to brave or what I would wear to impress my boss and colleagues. I want to work in my pajamas and still make a decent living.

Work Any Time, Anywhere

To cut the story short, I became a freelancer. I’ve been working as a freelancer for five years now, and I never had any regrets.

No traffic and travel expenses. No bio-metrics and strict timekeeping. No malicious colleagues or toxic bosses. No complicated contracts. No hour-long meetings. No corporate attires. These are just some of the bonus of being a freelancer in the Philippines.

There are some days when I work in pajamas all day and night, because why not? I work in the comfort of my house, anyway. Being a freelancer, I work any time I want, and in any place, I wish to, just as long as I meet deadlines and make my clients happy.

Who needs a corner office with a view, when I can work in my bedroom, in a coffee shop, at the beach, or in the car? Who needs SLs or VLs when every day feels like a vacation? And who needs a big, fancy job title when you get to do what you love or what you’re good at? When your clients appreciate you for your job and work ethics, that’s more than any recognition you need.

The 6-Digit Monthly Income

One of the remarkable things in freelancing is that you don’t need to be a Sr. Manager, Director, VP, or CEO to earn a 6-digit monthly salary. You can be a PHP developer or an SEO consultant and earn more than the office executives in Eastwood or Makati.

This is possible. All it takes is hard work, dedication, time management, and client relationship to acquire enough projects or freelance work for a decent income. There’s no salary limitation or income ceiling in freelancing. Whatever you want to make in a month, you can get it as long as you put your heart and mind to it.

Work-Life Balance

If you want to escape the toxicity of the 8-to-5 office work and bring back the balance to your life and career, freelancing is the best solution.

With freelancing, you get to practice your skills and earn a living, while being able to spend a lot of time for yourself, your family, and your friends. You don’t have to wait for the weekend or holidays to go to the gym, watch movies, or travel. You can do all of these any time because your work permits you to.

So, if your career goals include work-life balance, decent income, peace of mind, stress-free environment, and working in pajamas, then freelancing is the way to go!