Since most audio editing software today are so complex, new users tend to shy away from even trying an app. But that ends now. Whether you aspire to be a freelance audio editor or just someone who loves creating and editing music, these are the best audio editing apps for beginners you should try. These apps are user-friendly and easy to learn!

Walk Band (Android)

True to its name, having this audio editing app installed on your phone is like walking with your miniature band. Walk Band allows you to customize, record, and edit your sound. It also features a variety of musical instruments for your convenience:

  • Piano keyboard
  • Bass guitar solo and chords
  • Guitar solo and chords
  • Drums

edjing Mix (iOS, Android)

This one is for the DJ’s! edjing Mix has over 20 DJ effects you can play with plus all the DJ tools you’ll need to start a party. This app boasts:

  • SoundCloud integration
  • Automatic beats per minute (BPM) detection on all your tracks
  • Access to 16 trigger samples
  • Access to over 20 sample packs created by professional DJs in collaboration with Future Loops. This includes EDM, Hip-Hop, dubstep, and more!
  • Turntables

Audacity (Windows, Mac OS/OS X, Linux)

If you’re looking for free, multitrack, and easy-to-use audio editor, then look no further. Audacity is compatible with most computer operating systems and completely downloadable! It’s a full-pack app that features:

  • Recording
  • Import and Export
  • Editing (cut, copy, paste, delete)
  • Supports effect plugin: LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit
  • Customizable effect through text editor 

Ocenaudio (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

Compare to Audacity, Ocenaudio will appeal more to the neophyte editors since it has less intimidating user-interface without compromising powerful features. Great for podcasters and audio editors, this app also:

  • Supports Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins
  • Lets you edit multiple tracks
  • Features waveform and spectogram views
  • Previews your effects real-time

Lexis Audio Editor (iOS, Android)  

This is another perfect candidate for the best audio editing app for beginners. With just a few clicks, you can already record and edit on Lexis Audio Editor. Aside from its basic editing features, it also allows you to:

  • Record and edit
  • Mix multitracks
  • Normalize and reduce noise
  • Customize tempo, speed, and pitch
  • Save (wav, m4a, aac, flac, and wma format)

Paid version lets you save your files in mp3 format.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio (iOS, Android)

This is an app that won’t make you feel like a beginner. Its user interface is parallel to that of the software used by professional editors. Aside from the usual editing tools, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio also has the following features:

  • Multitrack audio recording and playback
  • Drum pattern editor
  • Latency correction
  • Offline effects: time stretching, fade in and out, reverse, normalize, pitch shift
  • Cut and trim tracks

FL Studio Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows)

Don’t want to just edit and remix already existing music? Create your own, then! FL Studio Mobile makes it possible for you. This app has top of the line features such as:

  • High-quality synthesizers, drum kits and sliced-loop beats
  • Step sequencer
  • Mixer (solo, per track, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment) 
  • Wide range of effects
  • wav and mp3 compatible

Visit sites like Rakuboss, UpWork, and other freelance sites and you’ll see that the music industry is need of freelance contributors. However, most of the job posts are looking for experienced and expert editors. Worry not because with the help of the best audio editing apps for beginners mentioned above, you are sure to master your craft in no time!