Imagine this: you wake up on a Sunday morning, energized and ready to start the day. You head straight to your kitchen and find your mom cooking breakfast. You see her stirring the pot. No humming, no dancing. Just silence.

You’re scheduled to workout at a gym a few blocks away from your house. It’s just a 20-minute walk so you grabbed your backpack with your gym essentials and head out. You have your earphones in but it only cancels out noise. No sound comes out from it. No music. Only silence.

Let’s visualize a simpler scenario. Imagine doing chores, cleaning your room for example, without songs playing in the background. How was it? Did you like it?

Music plays a huge role in our lives and it’s not even an exaggeration. If one day the world magically reboots and erase all things music, then expect these effects to follow:

Lesser instances of creative influx

Have you ever wondered why some people work best when listening to music? Visit a graphics department and you’ll see most of them wearing earphones or headphones with their Spotify playlist on shuffle mode.

Music helps our right side of the brain handle everything that involves creativity and the arts. In fact, research says that working on a project with moderate music in the background helps our creative juices flowing.

Be careful not to max the volume, though! Be sure to keep it at a low level because you might get distracted when it gets too loud.

Gloom doom

If you’re logged in to your Spotify account, browse through the playlists and you’ll see a category for Mood. In this category, there are playlists titled: Mood Booster, Positive Vibes, and The Stress Buster.

They’re not all feel good songs, don’t worry. Some playlists cater to the melancholic such as Sad Beats, Coping with Loss, and Dark & Stormy.


Music does wonders to our mood, so crucial that it can make or break our vibe for the day.

If life drastically drags away all music, then imagine waking up from a nightmare with no playlist to help you flush away the bad dream.

Our mood gets easily affected by the songs we listen to. A happy day can swiftly end with a broken smile all because you listened to a sad song.

And an unfortunate day can be saved by turning the volume up on the Positive Vibes playlist.

If there’s no music, how can we turn our gloom to a smile?

It’s either noise or silence

Music is more than just a combination of words and harmony. For some people, it’s a form of escape from a chaotic and loud surrounding.

A life with no music will only hear either noise or a deafening silence.

We can no longer shut off the noise from our environment and choose to listen to beautiful songs instead; nor sing our hearts out to lively beats than let ourselves be engulfed in deafening silence.

Music brings life to everyday situations. And to live a life without music, is to live an empty life.