Songwriters are no different than storytellers. Through their lyrics, they lay out their emotions on paper, weave words together that perfectly captures their story, and add rhythm that matches their intention. Songwriting is poetry and music combined – an art form in itself.

It takes talent to write song lyrics and much, much more to make it a hit. But in the meantime, while you’re still working your way up to lyricist stardom, here’s a heads up on mistakes you should avoid when writing song lyrics:

Your Message Is Scattered, Vague, And Far Reach

Woman writing down some lyrics

First things first: what do you want to say? What emotions do you want to instill in your listeners when they hear your song? Before layering melodies and music beats, you have to be clear on your message first. Be wary of these mistakes:

You Say Too Much

You figured it out already. You know what you want to say and you know how to say it. But the problem is you want to say a lot of things in one song. Step back for a while and analyze your thoughts. We know that ideas are swarming in your brain but to give justice to each, make sure to focus. For example; If you start writing about your first encounter with heartbreak, you wouldn’t want to inject lyrics about how global warming is affecting all of us. Know your message and stick with it. 

You Use Unnatural Words Excessively

Most neophyte songwriters think highfalutin words and too hard to decipher metaphors are equal to creativity. It’s not. The ultimate goal of songwriting is to be able to relay your message to your audience. This means you have to use words they naturally use and metaphors that can easily be understood. Failure to properly choose your words may confuse your listeners. 

You Refuse To Pour Your Heart Out

Music makes us feel alive; we have songs for celebration, grief, and even anger. “Music is the emotional life of most people,” legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen said. When you start writing song lyrics, don’t be afraid to keep your walls down, be vulnerable, and pour your heart into writing. Let your listeners feel what you’re feeling. Artists like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga aren’t afraid to express their true selves in their songs, so why should you?


You’re Having Trouble With The Melody

As we’ve said before, songwriting doesn’t just include writing per se but also making sure your lyrics fit well with your sound. This one is a crucial mistake you need to avoid in writing song lyrics:

You Feel Restricted By The Melody

You might fall in love with a melody the first time you hear it, and that’s fine. What’s not fine is if you allow your obsession with the melody to box your lyrical creativity. If you start feeling restricted by the beat that you tend to sacrifice some of your lyrics just to fit in the sound, step back. Remember that the most important thing about songwriting is the message. Craft your words so beautiful that the melody just has to keep up. 

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