Depression is real. It’s here—and it’s existing. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that depression is actually a common mental disorder as more than 300 million people from different age groups suffer from this.

Despite the overwhelming number revealed by WHO, some people think that mental illness is not as trivial as physical illness. A stubborn stigma still exists and persists. To combat this and help people survive from depression, there are communities and organizations that constantly scream “we’re here for you”. And some of them can be found online.

With the help of modern technology, an emerging option for mental health treatment was introduced to the public. People who suffer from depression, may it be you or your loved ones, can now seek help from licensed therapists online. Here are some of the main selling points of online counseling.

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An Ideal Option For People Who Also Suffer From Anxiety

People with depression also develop anxiety—or vice versa. They find it difficult to talk to strangers, let alone confess their problems, issues, and weaknesses. So, instead of meeting with therapists face to face, they can now seek counsel from online therapists. It’s easier to talk to people through phone calls or online messages because these methods don’t require physical contact.

To a greater extent, anonymous counseling can provide a safe distance between the therapist and the patient. This allows the latter to confidently talk to another person about his or her problems.

A Common Medium For Teenagers

Teenagers are probably the most misunderstood age group in the world. Supporting this is a statement from Dr. Dennis-Tiwary, a notable psychology professor at Hunter College in New York and one of the contributing writers at The New York Times: “Teenagers are struggling with anxiety more than any other problem, and perhaps more than ever before. There’s a good chance that it is anxiety that is driving teenagers (and the rest of us) to escape into screens as a way to flee fears.”

Taking that into account, it’s important to consider the preferred treatment method of these teenagers to help them overcome depression and anxiety at their own pace. Millennials are more comfortable with their smartphones and computer screens than any other communication method, so online counseling is the perfect option for them.

There are online therapy and free counseling websites like 7Cups, TeenTribe, and Psych Central that provide teen community forums and chat rooms for teenagers with the same mental health problems.

A More Convenient And Affordable Option

Money and mobility are some of the biggest issues when it comes to accessing mental health care, so online therapy can instantly overcome these barriers. People with physical and financial limitations can resort to online therapy. This method provides accessibility and convenience to individuals who are disabled or to those who live in rural areas. Further, online counseling won’t burn a hole in someone’s pocket as online therapy sessions can be done anywhere and anytime using any type of device. Some counseling websites offer sessions at a fair price, while some don’t charge at all. You can search for online therapists at and other online marketplaces if you have individual preferences for scheduling and payment methods.