The age of the Internet has changed the way employers hire freelance professionals, especially in the architecture and design department. Filipino architects in the field are more accessible than ever. They’re everywhere—waiting for you to lay down the plans for your dream house, office building, or vacation rentals. And you can find the best of their kind at Rakuboss, the home of the biggest online Filipino architects marketplace.

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Get Access To Hundreds Of Filipino Architects

Rakuboss is an open Filipino skills marketplace for everyone. We welcome Filipino freelancers, part-timers, and full-time employees anywhere in the country and connect them to employers and companies around the world. Based on the current number of registered users on our platform, you can get access to hundreds of reputable Filipino architects near you or in remote areas.

Getting access is easy. You can find and hire talented Filipino Architects at Rakuboss with a registered account. When you verify your account and update your profile, Rakuboss will let you find probable candidates as an online client based on your standards and budget. 

Choose The Type Of Work You’re Looking For

Rakuboss is the home of the biggest online Filipino Architects directory. Here, you’ll easily find the type of work and project you’re looking for—may it be residential, commercial, industrial, urban, civil, landscape, interior design, or remodeling. Our platform adapts to the ever-changing world of emerging technologies, so we welcome digital and traditional architects from all walks of life. 

Rakuboss’ search engine can filter its selection if you have a specific demand. Alternatively, our registered Filipino architects can take on personalized works if you have a particular project on offer through seller listings or personal messages. You’ll never run out of options to connect and build a home with Filipino architects. You can even get your design projects done online and remotely.

Recruit And Hire On Your Own Terms 

Rakuboss’ hiring process is different for each user. We let employers and companies recruit and hire on their own terms as long as they follow the terms and conditions of the platform. Employers have the right to review, reject, and hire Filipino architects using Rakuboss’ directory and marketplace. Our platform is transparent in giving information—such as work experience, educational background, and affiliations. 

Further, employers are also free to request additional projects as long as the deal is mutually agreed upon by both parties and is verified by Rakuboss admins. Filipinos always go beyond what is expected of them, and our architects are surely open for more rewarding design projects that can cement their names in the industry.