If you’re a Filipino freelance professional, your online presence and connections matter. We know that you often make arrangements as a remote worker to foreign clients, so your published works and online output are your foundation. For that reason, Rakuboss is here to introduce its multipurpose services to Filipino professionals.

Rakuboss is more than just a skills marketplace where freelancers and clients can buy and sell services. As a seller, you can also modify your profile based on your career, experience, and job description to build your online presence. You can use Rakuboss as an online portfolio to showcase your works. This feature works best for freelance writers, photographers, videographers, designers, programmers, make-up artists, dieticians, and voice-over artists.

Here’s how you can turn your profile and sidelines into a portfolio…

Build Your Rakuboss Profile

It all starts with your online identity. Rakuboss and its clients need to know you on the surface. Fill up your basic profile information, starting with your name, skills, languages spoken. Succeeding that, provide a clear photo and username to help clients remember your profile. 

Once you’re done with the skeleton of your profile, create a short, honest, and concise description of yourself. This should summarize your career, educational background, work experience, hobbies, and passion. Try to apply a conversational tone to attract readers easily. 

A good profile example

 Post A Sideline And Upload Your Sample Works

Put extra effort into the section carrying your sample works as you’ll compete with other sellers on the platform. Each sideline you post comes with photos and descriptions of your services. They will serve as your online portfolio. 

When you post a sideline, fill in the necessary details needed. Here are some tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting a client through your Rakuboss portfolio:

Fields to be filled out when creating a sideline.

Sideline Title

Place some keywords on your sideline title to guide prospective clients looking for services. When they search for the exact service or other related add-ons, you should come on top. 

Sideline Description

On the sideline description, state the complete services you’ll provide in a few sentences. Keep it short and simple, but go straight to the point. We prohibit the use of outside links or third-party websites to protect our clients, but you can place your resume and personal portfolio in the next section.

Sideline Instruction

If you want to connect your prospective clients to your works outside the platform, encourage them to send you a personal message on your Rakuboss’ inbox. Give them more ways to know more about your work and experience. 

Sideline Images

A good portfolio should come with clear and enticing images, especially if you’re advertising yourself as an artist. Photographers, graphic designers, and animators should put a spotlight on their special pieces. If you’re not under the Art and Design category, however, choose high-resolution images that best describe your services. 

Sideline Preview

Sharing on Social Media

Through this, you can widen your territory and promote the services of Rakuboss to Filipino and foreign clients.