It’s still uncertain if robots will change our lives in the future—and whether humanity should fear them or not. But the present offers a promising venue for robots to prove their worth to humankind. Recently, a Japanese exosuit suit became the first-ever technology to be awarded an ISO certification for robots and robotic devices. 

Japan’s Innophys Co Ltd. made history with their assistive suits. In the company’s official website and online store, Innophys revealed that their revolutionary products aim to change the world for the better:

“Imagine a world where no-one ends up bedridden. Imagine a world where anyone can work as long as they live. Imagine a world without backbreaking labor. Imagine a world with no need for elderly care. Imagine the possibilities this could bring to people’s lives. We seek technology that supports people in order to realize such a world.”

Led by their consumer model, the Muscle Suit Every, Innophys’ inventions are designed to provide artificial muscle and back support to users through compressed air. The suits can help users carry heavy goods, physically assist other people, bend over, and work aggressively with ease. Only weighing 3.8 kg, the Muscle Suit Every is capable of supporting up to 25.5 kilogram-force. They can basically make everyday work easier for people of all ages—especially labor workers, nurses, farmers, and caregivers. 

Photo: PR Times

The Muscle Suit Every was released to the public in November 2019 for ¥136,000 (around ₱62,000), followed by other variations, such as Muscle Suit Power, Muscle Suit, and Muscle Suit Edge. The products are available on Innophys’ official website and other major retailers like BIC Camera, Yodobashi Camera, and

Behind The ISO 13482 Certification

Given that Innophys’ Muscle Suit is not your ordinary suit, its qualities need to be proven and tested by technology experts. New technology such as this shouldn’t be accessible to the public without the approval of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). After thorough testing and evaluation, the organization awarded Innophy’s assistive suits an ISO 13482 certification. 

Photo: PR Times

The specific certificate is an indisputable proof that the suits passed the safe design, protective measures, and information for proper use of personal care robots under the following category: mobile servant robot, physical assistant robot, and person carrier robot. For that reason, the Muscle Suit Every is the world’s first-ever suit to receive this certification.