The answer depends on whoever is making this decision, but quitting your job to start blogging is not as beautiful as the media paints it to be. Giving up your stable source of income to start something that’s not even 100% sure to generate profit within a month is not a step you take in just a snap.

However, you’ll be surprised how your job can give you a great headstart in the blogging game. To help you further understand how to start a blog, we’ll let you in on the reality of starting in the blogging world that will make you hold on to your job longer.

There Is No Guarantee for Financial Security

You can’t get the same monthly income in blogging like you would from a full-time job. It’s nice to make a living out of something you love, but blogging is still more of a sideline, although it follows a business model.

The most significant difference between blogging and traditional businesses is that blogging is associated with search engines you can’t control. There is search engine optimization (SEO), but with millions of blogs releasing content every day, you still can’t rely on your blog to pay your bills.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to turn what you love into a frustrating business. What you could do to have earn traffic on your site when you start is to start a blog on Facebook first. Your content could be long posts, memes, edited videos, etc.

It’s easier to create a fan base on Facebook, so when you start a blog, they’ll be compelled to read it and get to know more about you or see more of your content. This trick will save you from studying everything about SEO (trust me, it’s a lot to take).

Most Monetization Options Don’t Work

Monetization is the keyword every starting blogger sees as gold. Unfortunately, it’s not as friendly as you might think.

Affiliate marketing, for instance, is not as easy as joining an affiliate program hosted by professional bloggers. You have to immerse yourself in the culture of this marketing scheme and go through endless trials before you get there.

You Need Money to Get Your Blog Going

“A steady income from employment helps ease anxiety, as well as provides for the day-to-day basic needs throughout the duration it takes to establish yourself in the online space,” says serial entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, and digital nomad Yaro Starak.

Take the monetization aspect—you need to upgrade your blog into a plan that activates monetization for your site. You pay plans in different periods, and other helpful features can also cost quite a bit.

Since you’re just beginning, there’s no guarantee that you can maintain your blog without a stable source of income to fund it.

You Need a Network Beyond Home

Creating content and setting up a website are not just the basic things on how to start a blog. You need to have a network of people outside the space you create your content.

Yes, I’m talking about real people. Although virtual visits increase your site traffic, you need to promote your blog to like-minded people in real life to get those in the first place. freelance_sell_sidelines

Once again, your job is an excellent place to start. You can even write things related to your work, like “A Day in the Life…” blog which your co-workers would love to read and share on their socials.

Shares can come a long way in blogging, so keep your job and take advantage of the material and group you’ve got there.

Rome Wasn’t Built Overnight

It took more than 1000 years to build Rome, yet they were doing the brickwork every hour (at least that’s what the old saying tells us). Regardless, I’m pretty sure they had funding to do that all those years. In your case, you’re both the funder and the mason.

Now, let’s say your job is not related to writing or blogging—you can always sell skills online. It could be as a freelance gig or jobs online Philippines has plenty of listings on various job platforms.

99% of the time, the reason why most people want to quit their jobs to start blogging is that they want to follow their passion. By now, you already know it’s not that easy to start a blog.

To keep both your passion and funding hanging in there, find writing jobs online in the Philippines. Read this guide on how to make money from online jobs.