Rice is a staple food in the Philippines. There’s no single household in the country that doesn’t eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—every Filipino family partners white rice with the perfect ulam (dish). 

Unfortunately, Filipinos’ love for rice can lead to consequences if one has eaten too much of it on a daily basis. It’s important to choose the right type of rice and the right portion to be able to consume it daily without repercussions. According to a study led by medical professionals, eating white rice daily can increase the risk of type 2 diabeties, a type of diabetes that is often linked to obesity. It seems that white rice ranks high on the glycemic index scale. Meaning, it can shoot up a person’s blood sugar level fast.

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Although this study is not a major emergency, Filipinos should remember that prevention will always be better than cure. It’s important to choose the type of rice that can satisfy their cravings but won’t affect their health. 

In response to this problem, Japanese subsidiary company Biotech JPCorp or just BiotechJP., came up with pre-cooked and low-protein rice products for Filipino consumers. BiotechJP is part of Biotech Japan, an agricultural and industrial company based in the province of Niigata.

When asked about the company’s inspiration behind the rice products, Trisha Ann Garcia, the company’s nutritionist and general manager, said, “Our product is rice, and for Filipinos, ‘rice is life.’ So, our chairman, Kiyosada Egawa, sees a big market here…Our challenge here in the Philippines is that Filipinos are used to eating rice straight from the pot. We are still not used to opening a pack, placing it in the microwave oven, and then, having your rice ready to eat in two minutes.” 

The rice products, which come in four variations, are mainly for people with diabetes and chronic kidney diseases. Rice lovers can purchase the following variations on Lazada and other partner merchants:

Echigo – protein-reduced and ready-to-heat rice; ₱1,350.00 for 1 box with 20 pouches

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Insta-Rice – pre-cooked regular rice ready for heating; ₱800.00 for 1 box with 20 pouches

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Gohan Lite  – calorie-reduced and high-fiber rice ready for heating; ₱1,200.25 for 1 box with 20 pouches

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Rice-To-Go  – packed white rice ready for heating; ₱850.00 1 box with 20 pouches

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For more information or for bulk purchases, visit https://biotechjp.com.ph/.