The Philippines has always been a friendly country for English speakers. The country is a few of the countries in Asia that produce locals who have impressive English speaking and writing skills. For this reason, several non-English speaking countries hire Filipino teachers online and offline to improve their skills, making it easier for Filipino professionals to follow this type of career path.

If you want a home-based or overseas job that can definitely pay the bills, teaching English to international students may be the best job for you. Here are the hows:

Types of Programs And Certificates

There are various programs and courses a Filipino tutor can participate in to jumpstart this career. And these bodies come with different acronyms that might confuse you, so let’s start with the basics:

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) – one of the most popular English qualifications in the world. TEFL are courses in countries where students use English as a second language on top of their primary language.

  • EFL (English as a Foreign Language) – a term most commonly used in the United States. It involves teaching non-native English speakers in a non-English speaking country.

TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) – also known globally. These are English programs in countries where students don’t use English as a primary or secondary language.

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) – a term most commonly used in the United Kingdom. It involves teaching non-native English speakers in an English-speaking country. 

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – a globally accepted course or program that includes teachers and students that fit the qualifications of TELF and TESL.

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) – CELTA was established to cater to students and teachers, especially adults, who are interested in TEFL, TESL, and TESOL. More than that, CELTA is also designed to introduce English to students with little to no background about the language. 

Steps To Becoming A Certified English Teacher

The previously mentioned programs, certificates, and qualifications can help you determine the perfect path for your career. Your goals as an English teacher should be parallel to the objectives of the program, so choose the right certificate that can get you to places. Speaking of the right path, here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

Determine Your Preferences And Objectives

First, decide whether you want to teach in the comfort of your own home or travel to different countries. Don’t worry, teachers can change their minds along the way, especially if the need arises or they’re offered opportunities abroad. After locking in your final decision, set up your equipment, plan your travels, and pick your tools. It’s important to invest in a reliable internet connection and a high-quality laptop to relay your lessons to students quickly.  

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Earn Your Certificates

Get licensed or certified by a recognized TEFL, EFL, TESL, ESL, TESOL, or CELTA company. You can get certificates by completing training and programs within the country or online. Some companies don’t require a degree or teaching experience when providing certificates, but it could be an edge if you have a solid background. 

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Create A Portfolio / Advertise Online

Gain experience and start building your CV and/or portfolio. Many students and international companies select candidates with a rich and organized background. Moreover, most companies prefer multilinguals selling sidelines with prior teaching experience. So, look for teaching jobs that can sharpen your skills before getting more prominent clients or applying to international companies. For your convenience, you can sell your sidelines at, and find local and international clients online.