Some people have an endless desire to travel but unfortunately, it remains just that: desire. Most of them let the thought of traveling solo slip by their thoughts because they think it will be lonely, boring, and totally uneventful. Therefore, no matter how much they want to see a certain place, they would rather wait until someone comes along ready to hop on a plane with them.

You see, that’s the part that people get wrong because solo traveling can be the most rewarding thing you can ever do in this lifetime. And here are five reasons why you should try to go on a solo adventure at least once in your life.

Because There’s So Much To See Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

We get it: you’re so comfortable in your bubble, cozy even, to think about venturing into an unfamiliar place alone. It can be pretty scary, we admit. But that’s exactly the reason why you should try solo traveling. Wear your brave hat, step out of your comfort zone, and don’t let fear hinder you from exploring the unknown. The world is a big place — and it’s just waiting to be explored. 

Because It Will Boost Your Confidence

And bring out the best in you eventually! Traveling solo is an act of independence and self-love. Solo traveling for the first time can be a whole lot more terrifying if you’re naturally a shy person. However, that’s one of the major reasons why you should travel alone. Traveling solo pushes you to talk and initiate conversations with people; asking for directions and best places to go to, or even asking people to take your photo! During your trip, it’s guaranteed to meet fellow solo travelers (who might just be as socially awkward as you!) that you can chat and compare itineraries with. 

Just think of it this way: you’re both strangers to each other, so even if you mess up, it’s perfectly fine because you have no reputation to hold! 

Because It’s Always Good To Expand Your Circle

Oh, how cool it is to have a friend in most parts of the world! 

Since you’re traveling alone, you’re bound to strike a conversation with at least one stranger–and that’s totally fine! Most relationships start in the ‘strangers’ stage and before you know it, you’re already exchanging Twitter handles and touring the city together! 

Speaking of touring, joining other travelers can be less pricey on your part since you won’t have to shoulder all transportation fares. Check out freelance travel agents on and ask them for a quotation. 

Because You Won’t Have To Worry About Other People

This is one of the many advantages of solo traveling: you get to manage your time and create your itinerary without worrying about other people. This is the time when you get to decide what you want and when and how to do it. Since you’re traveling solo, the final say is always on you! So whether you feel like touring the whole city or sunbathing by the best beaches in Cebu, do it–it’s your trip anyway. Enjoy your complete freedom and stay unbothered!

Because You Badly Need A Break

You need a break from all the drama, the chaos, and your usual environment. 

Life can be a series of routines, familiar faces, and same-old places. If you’re starting to feel bored and a little suffocated with all the familiarity, take up the challenge of solo traveling! Journey to a completely new place, talk to unfamiliar faces and break your routine. By doing this, you don’t just let your mind and body relax, but you also give yourself a chance to grow.