Rakuboss is an online skills marketplace dedicated to Filipino professionals looking for full-time, part-time, or project-based employment. Due to the increasing demand of online jobs in the Philippines and other parts of the world, we established a platform that knows no limits. 

If you have skills, talent, or both—you’re more than welcome to explore our 12 job categories, know what’s on offer, and post a sideline.

Art And Design

Rakuboss combined the art industry and the design industry to cater to Filipino traditional and digital artists. Clients are looking for someone who has what it takes to mix techniques and talent, so our categories are open to freelance graphic designers, illustrators, animators, painters, architects, and even design consultants. 

IT And Programming

Computer programming jobs, particularly coding, are some of the most in-demand jobs in the world. Almost every business today needs a website or a mobile app to increase sales and revenue, so most of Rakuboss’ clients are on the hunt for the best web developers. But it takes more than a good web developer to build a great website, so we also welcome data analysts, telecommunication specialists, security specialists, and all sorts of tech-savvy professionals from the IT and programming industry.

Music And Narration

If you think you’re the next Mozart but only have limited time to work as a full-time composer, our clients at Rakuboss might be interested to work with you. But aside from composers, we’re also looking for the next big singers, songwriters, voice-over actors, narrators, sound engineers, and producers. With our global market, Rakuboss is the best place to kickstart or further your career in the music and narration industry. 

Writing And Translation

Writing is the most profitable freelance and a part-time job. After all, a freelance writer can work without full supervision or in a remote area. More than that, writers are needed all over the world to promote businesses, share ideas and messages, and entertain readers. To help Filipino freelancers reach other people through words, Rakuboss welcome copywriters, content writers, news writers, academic writers, and technical writers. We also accept translators and transcriptionists to bridge language barriers. 


They say every great business starts with an idea. At Rakuboss, we believe that a successful business starts with an exceptional team that knows how demanding industries and customers are. We offer our clients nothing but the best, so our categories under business are open to financial analysts, social media managers, market researchers, virtual assistants, secretaries, bookkeepers, and more. 

Fun And Lifestyle

Looking after one’s beauty and health should be a top priority. Online articles about skincare routines and diet plans might help, but nothing can beat the knowledge of experts and professionals. At Rakuboss, Filipino freelance professionals can post their sidelines and look for clients if they’re accredited or registered dieticians, lifestyle gurus, health consultants, dermatologists, nurses, or caregivers. 

Videography And Photography

Rakuboss has its door open for skilled and talented videographers and photographers. We and our clients are not after your resume, we want to see your shots, portfolios, and techniques. So, whether you’re an expert or amateur, we’ll let your talent speak for itself. Aside from actual photographers and videographers, our clients are mostly looking for photo editors, models, video editors, and producers.


If you believe in an idea, we support you. Whether fortune-telling is real or not, we welcome believers with open arms so everyone can find their own community. Rakuboss has a section dedicated to divination practitioners like feng shui masters, fortune tellers, astrologists, and chiromancers.


If you’re a travel junkie or you enjoy the planning process, our platform can bring you to places—literally. Filipino freelancers and local businesses can post sidelines and offers on Rakuboss. We help tour guides, event planners, hotels, travel agencies, and surfing instructors widen their reach and territories. 

Love and Relationship

Relationships, especially marriage, are not always stable. Love can always be present, but there would surely be a few bumps along the way. For that reason, Rakuboss is here to save disasters between partners. We welcome and offer the best love gurus, annulment lawyers, marriage counselors, wedding planners, psychologists, and mental health advocates. 


Rakuboss offers aid in various forms. Individuals who are in need of legal aid can consult legal experts on our platform. So, at the moment, we encourage Filipino lawyers to list their best services and fair rates on our experts’ page. We need lawyers everyone would most likely need such as corporate lawyers, annulment lawyers, civil litigation lawyers, criminal lawyers, and family lawyers.